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  • EMILY is a 1.4m unmanned surface craft that was developed by Hydronalix for sea rescue.

  • Housing a powerful impeller motor, it is able to travel at speeds up to 22kts

  • Its uniquely designed hull ensures proper balance and enables quick self-righting.

  • It is built rugged and can be launched from the beach, piers, boats and even from helicopters.

  • Fully operational and deployed around the world

Alternative Applications:

  • Hurricane Tracking

  • Underwater search using side scan sonars

  • Rescue of victims trapped in small rivers, canals or connecting water tunnels (With low light cameras and live video transmission)

  • Deploy into areas  to check for air or water contamination (Using sensors and live transmission)

  • The STAR-Lite is a battery operated compact unmanned surface target

  • Specially developed to simulate a more realistic fast moving threat for small to medium calibre gun firing.

  • The platform, housing a powerful impeller motor and a uniquely designed Kevlar reinforced hull to protect it against impact and ensures proper balance and enables quick self-righting even in high sea state condition.

  • It is built rugged and can be launched on the piers, ship deck, and even from a fast moving boats.

  • The current control of the system utilizes licensed 2.4Ghz frequency and allows the operator to control the boat for a distance of up to 1.5km

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