SecuriCam Bodyworn Camera is a revolutionary device that provide user the ability to record, broadcast live high quality video, GPS tagging and 2-way audio to anywhere using mobile networks and WiFi network.


SecuriCam is optimized for cellular network and the users have option to provide stable video streaming at the highest available network quality through it Automatic Bandwidth Control feature.

Media Relay System (MRS) is a revolutionary wireless multimedia streaming/recording device which broadcasts live high quality video, two way audio and GPS Location to anywhere using mobile networks (3G/4G) and Wi-Fi networks. It is a portable handheld device that can be used for fleet tracking, adhor CCTV deployment and even in-car operations.


  • Logistics

  • Mobile Point-of-Sales (POS)

  • Immigration Control

  • Law Enforcement

  • Hospitality

  • Royalty Program etc....

  • Highest IRIS Security System

  • One of the most reliable non-contact method of personal identification

  • Engineered to be highly efficient and accurate with high throughput

  • Hygienic due to no physical contact is required

  • Performance and safety conform to international standards

  • Can be integrated with current systems to add a greater level of assurance and security

Store divided iris information in half

Distribution Management Center Server



Example of Iris Recognition in Fintech Environment

Bank Server

Face recognition technology can detect people’s faces in live video streams or video footage and store anonymous information for each appearance of a person in front of a camera. Our partners’ technology works correctly despite partial occlusions of the face, glasses, scarfs, caps, shadows poor lighting etc


The solutions cover video surveillance, access control and marketing needs in area such as:

  • Airport

  • Train stations

  • Immigration

  • Shopping malls

  • Banks

  • Safe Cities etc..

The newest innovation from the makers of PlateSmart where you can turn ANY conventional surveillance camera into an analytical Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) camera. ARES is a true end-to-end tool that are powerful and cost-effective for counter-terrorism, law enforcement, private security, and more. The software only ALPR solution, as well as never-before-available real-time data-mining and predictive analytics tools, all at a price point unmatched in the security technology industry.

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